IFE Sensor’s Capacitance Fingerprint Sensor

IFE Sensor’s core technology is the silicon chip of measuring the fingerprints. The excellent image quality comes from the advanced pixel matrix with high contrast and resolution. The advantage of IFE Sensor’s capacitance fingerprint sensor is the three-dimensional image which greatly decreases the risk of manipulation.

IFE Sensor offers a broad portfolio of fingerprint sensor solutions. In addition to great image quality, robustness- more than millions fingerprint placements, highly secure algorithm and low power consumption, IFE Sensor offers turnkey solution for manufacturers to distinguish themselves from competitors.

  • State-of-the-art fingerprint sensor

  • Ultra-thin design

  • Low power consumption solution

  • Proven fingerprint recognition algorithm

  • Easy integration

  • Optimized for secure element environments

  • Template complies with ANSI 378 and ISO 19794-2

360 degree identification

The finger can be placed in a 360 degree relationship to the sensor and no compromise on the performance.

Fast response, best FAR/FRR performance and easy integration will make the manufacturer create value-added products.

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